SMC Consortium Teams traces its roots back to 1959. Since its founding, and especially in the last decade, SMC Team has grown through internal expansion and some 30 acquisitions.

Today, SMC Consortium Team especially Genivar-CDI regroups more than 2,500 employees in more than 40 offices in Canada, Africa and the Caribbean.

SMC Consortium is continuing its strategy of organic growth combined with acquisitions. SMC Consortium with its new Strategic alliance partnership with Major Arabic Gulf Group will have more than 3000 employees in 2008-2010 for the execution of Mega projects in various  fields in which it is currently active. Our goal is to offer our clients:

  • First-class global solutions
  • In-depth and broad expertise
  • A business partnership that adds value

The characteristics SMC Consortium looks for in its partners are:

  • Shared objectives
  • Consolidating expertise, complementary expertise
  • Client satisfaction
Acquisitions completed by Genivar in recent years.
Firms Expertise
B.H. Martin Consultants Ltd. Building and Civil Engineering, Mining and Environment

André Simard et associés

Landfill Site Design, Environment and Municipal Infrastructure

TERRA experts conseils

Municipal Infrastructure

Harmer Podolak Engineering Consultants Inc.

Bridge and Civil Engineering
SEG Engineering Civil Engineering
NCE Ltd. Transportation
Nove Environnement inc. Environment and land use planning
GLD Experts-Conseils Civil Engineering, Transportation, Building, Environment
Kazmar Associates, Ltd. Building Engineering
Cochrane Design Group Building, Civil Engineering, Transportation, Power, Industrial, Processing
Martoni, Cyr and
Associates Inc.
Building Engineering, Telecommunications
MacViro Water & Waste Water Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Environment, Power
Labelle-Ryan Génipro inc. Civil Engineering, Mechanical & Electrical, Structure, Environment
Sokkia Mechanical & Electrical
Promine Consultants Inc. Mining Engineering, Geology
Groupe conseil Aiguebelle Environment, Civil Engineering, Industrial
Day & Behn Mechanical & Electrical, Lighting design of building
Léandre Gervais & Associé(e)s Mining & Forestry Engineering, Mechanical & Electrical, Structure, Civil engineering, Industrial
Génium Consultants Building & Maritime Engineering, Urban Infrastructure, Transporation
ADeB Consultants Mechanical, Electrical and
Civil Engineering
AMEC (Industrial - Quebec City)  Steel Detailing and Engineering
for Fabricators
AMEC (Industrial - Montreal) Pulp and paper, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology, Power
Savoie & Associates Mechanical and Electrical (food services)
Les Consultants de l'Outaouais Urban Infrastructure
STRON Consultants Inc. Mechanical and Electrical, Phamaceutical sector
CEM Consultants Industrial
Hydro-Terra Industrial
ICI Côte-Nord Industrial
Clemann Large Patterson Mechanical and Electrical
Icogec Urban Infrastructure
BMST Roumon Experts conseils inc. Urban Infrastructure and Transportation
Kostuch Eng. Ltd. Urban Infrastructure and Transportation
Sauvé Boucher Associates Inc. Building engineering, Structures Engineering, Industrial
Raymond Desmarais & Associates Building Engineering
Brissette Samson & Associates Building Engineering, Petroleum Engineering
Groupe conseil Malouin Inc. Urban infrastructures
Naturam Environment Inc. Environment, Vegetation control
Groupe conseil Gesco Inc. Mechanical Engineering, Urban infrastructures and Transportation, Industrial, Railway Engineering, Environment




























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