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For 45 years, the engineering consultants at SMC Consortium Joint-ventures team  have been the foundation of our reputation and success. We serve a large client base in several markets by providing multidisciplinary services in studies, engineering and environment. Our employees are recognized experts who deliver exceptional projects for our clients. When a client selects our services, it is assigned an experienced project manager who can access the knowledge and skills of the entire  team.

Above and beyond applying their technical expertise, innovative spirit and state-of-the-art tools, our team members take a constructive approach that makes all the difference. They listen closely to clients and proactively anticipate needs to ensure that all requirements are fully met.

Our strong client commitment creates value and generates tangible and measurable advantages, including:

  • Design flexibility on all projects
  • The skills necessary to be involved at every stage, from needs analysis through commissioning.
  • Adherence to budgets and schedules.
  • The ability to work in “fast track” mode while allowing facilities to remain in use.
  • Online computerized management tools to facilitate communication and the sharing of documents
  • The application of strict health and safety standards
  • In-house “Centres of excellence” accessible to all our clients





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