EXPERTISE- Hydraulics



Worldwide Experience
           A Partner Of Choice

For 20 years, SMC’s Centre of Excellence in Hydraulics has delivered expert and multidisciplinary services to our public, mining, industrial and hydropower sector clients. Our services include internal flows (industrial piping or pipelines, water networks, sewage systems) and external flows (hydrotechnical structures, inlets, outfalls).

SMC's team  has unique expertise in hydraulic transients (or waterhammer): our team originally created they software: HAMMER ( and we continue to teach it around the world. We are active members in:
  • American Water Works Association Research Foundation (AWWARF)
  • Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA)

    When clients entrust us with a mandate, they benefit not only from the experience of our project manager but also from a group with over 100 years of know-how, including a Hydraulic Specialist (so designated by Professional Engineers Ontario).

    Our attentive staff really listens, to anticipate your needs and respond to your requirements. This translates to tangible and measurable benefits, including:
  • Optimal studies, designs and as-constructed works
  • Designs that allow for future expansion
  • Competencies to deal with breaks or emergencies
  • Know-how to overcome operational constraints or difficulties
  • The ability to work rapidly on fast-track or emergency projects
  • Delivery on time and within budget




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