EXPERTISE- Process Engineering



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SMC Consortium provides process engineering services to its clients in the metallurgy, chemical and pulp and paper industries.

These services include:

  • Process development, selection and design
  • Supervision of test work
  • Mass and energy balance calculation
  • Equipment selection, calibration and design
  • Material selection
  • Process analysis and optimization, including energy efficiency improvement, water balance optimization and effluent minimization
  • Start-up assistance

SMC Consortium specialists understand a wide range of processes and types of equipment. These include leaching, precipitation, separation of solids and liquids, solution purification, evaporation, crystallization, drying and dehydrating, granulation, pyrohydrolysis, absorption, chloridation, fused-salt electrolysis, metal refining, casting, treatment of gas and liquid effluents and solid waste treatment and recycling.

Our expertise also covers corrosives, abrasives and other liquids which require the careful selection of construction materials. Most importantly, SMC consortium  professionals have worked on chloride system projects.





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