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SMC Consortium has been active in the metallurgy and light metals industries in Canada and internationally for many years. We have multidisciplinary expertise in mining engineering and can work with clients at every stage of their project, from design to commissioning.

Thoroughly conversant with the laws and regulations governing mining and metallurgy, our environmental specialists are experts in addressing the environmental issues specific to these industries.

Light metals

SMC Consortium has unique skills in the light metals field. Our specialists have worked on numerous projects in the aluminum and magnesium industries, specifically electrolysis, foundries, anode preparation, aluminum smelters, metal and scum recycling and metal transformation.

We are skilled in the design of specialized equipment, including casting furnaces, molten metal pumps, high current busbars, fluid-bed dryers, chlorination equipment and the reconditioning of pot shells and linings.

We also have related expertise in light metal transformation plants, high voltage installations, dust removal equipment, off-gas treatment, steel frame and reinforced concrete structures and instrumentation and specialized commands.



















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