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SMC Consortium has a large experience in the engineering, planning and design of industrial facilities and infrastructure systems. We have expertise in many specialized areas of design, including large building structures, foundations, utilities, and environmental management systems. We provide clients with all required design services to accommodate the placement and housing of process equipment and its associated infrastructure.

SMC’s process design services include feasibility studies, equipment selection and layout, piping, CIP systems, pumping, instrumentation and controls, and services to equipment. Our specialists have worked on projects in the following sectors: breweries, beverage plants, meat processing plants, fish processing plants, seafood plants, poultry plants, dairy product processing plants, fruit processing plants, pharmaceutical plants, grain handling and bakeries.

SMC Consortium is to determine cost-effective solutions to processing problems by considering the implications of space and service requirements, impacts on the plant effluent stream, sanitation, and staffing needs.

























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