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On the strength of its solid landfill site and residual material expertise, SMC Consortium associate has developed a centre of excellence devoted to this ultra-specialized sector. 

To meet the needs of its clients, SMC Consortium team provides operating assistance services in the municipal infrastructure and landfill sectors. Based on its extensive design experience, SMC  provides cutting-edge expertise that enables clients to optimize their operations while ensuring continuing structural viability and effectiveness. Clients represent the private and public sectors, including cities, regional and county municipalities, waste management boards and multinationals.

Areas of expertise

Development of technical landfill sites (TLS)
  • Confinement systems
  • Leachate management
  • Surface water management
  • Confinement system quality assurance
  • Negotiations with government authorities
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Bioreactor concepts

    Biogas management
  • Characterization studies and environmental impact assessments
  • Environmental monitoring and health and safety aspects
  • Georeferenced measures for TLS surface methane emissions
  • Biogas capture networks, pumping stations and destruction units
  • Biogas energy development
  • Assessments of CO2 credit potential

    Municipal engineering
  • Urban infrastructure
  • Drinking water/wastewater

    Project management
  • Project management
  • Value engineering
  • Cost analyses and optimization

  • Structural start-ups
  • Operating assistance
  • Operating contract management
  • Operating administrative services







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