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SMC Consortium has been a leader in the commercial sector for almost fifty years. We offer a full range of engineering and management services. We use a “one-stop shop” approach for every project, from initial development to the final commissioning. Our experts use innovative techniques and develop optimal solutions. So whether it’s a new high-rise building, a convention centre, the expansion or rehabilitation of an existing one, SMC Consortium designs feature a lasting, safe and comfortable environment, and lower operating costs through increased energy efficiency. Our environmental expertise enables us to prepare soil characterization studies, implement site rehabilitation programs and obtain licenses and permits.


SMC Consortium serves the residential sector, with a focus on high-rise apartment buildings, rental units and condominium projects. We provide a full range of services covering all engineering and design requirements. Thanks to our “one-stop shop” approach, SMC Consortium can carry out projects from initial site development to the delivery of housing units. Our experts use innovative techniques and seek out the optimal solutions for each project. SMC Consortium has developed a web-based software system that allows clients to track their own projects on-line.






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