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SMC Consortium has carried out an impressive number of projects in the institutional sector for every level of government and for government-owned corporations. Our engineering specialists understand the particular needs of institutional clients and this enables us to design optimal solutions.

We know that now, more than ever, institutional clients have to improve their performance in the context of increasingly limited human and financial resources.

Whether it’s a new building or the expansion and remodelling of an existing one, SMC Consortium has successfully completed projects that create a lasting, safe and comfortable environment and have lower operating costs. Our clients benefit from our team’s expertise in energy efficiency, the integration of sophisticated equipment and the installation of food service facilities.

SMC Consortium team can meet the special requirements of institutional clients, including:

  • the need to keep a building open and let busy departments operate during construction.
  • the need to carrying out projects in “fast track” mode or on a special schedule
  • the need to coordinate activities that involve several parties and require complete transparency.

SMC Consortium  clients can also track their projects on-line, using our own web-based software. And we apply strict measures to control costs, meet deadlines, stay on budget and promote occupational health and safety on all construction sites.









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