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In the last decade SMC Consortium team has delivered more than 1,500 educational projects worth almost $2-billion dollars. That’s experience.

Clients rely on our know-how in energy efficiency and technology integration for facilities ranging from research and development to residential and food service installations.

Because SMC Consortium has this extensive knowledge of the education scene, our engineering teams develop optimal solutions. We apply strict measures to control costs, meet deadlines, stay on budget and ensure occupational health and safety rules are followed on all construction sites.

SMC Consortium also meets the special requirements of our educational clients – including:

  • The need to continue using a building and operate busy departments during construction.
  • The need to carry out projects in fast track mode or on a special schedule.
  • The ability to coordinate activities that involve several parties with different technical, financial and standards requirements.

Whatever the project – a new building, an expansion or a renovation – SMC Consortium has the experience to create a lasting, safe and comfortable environment while reducing the overall operating costs. And SMC Consortium clients can track their projects on-line, using our own web-based software tools.














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